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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

I will bring e-governance as an essential tool and will make government transparent and accountable.

The opacity of the government is the only reason for corruption. And transparency is the only solution.

RTI is applied through request to seek information and then catering to them. This is ridiculous.


E-governance to replace RTI

All the data of the government will be available online and any Indian citizen shall be able to access it.

Such a systematic change will eliminate the need to file RTI. 

E-governance to save money and time

With e-governance being implemented as core rather than an accessory to the government system:

1. Work will happen in a few clicks and a lot of time will be saved in physically going to government offices.

2. A lot of resources like petrol and paper will be saved which are used to carry unnecessary work like travelling, creating multiple physical paper government files etc.