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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

I will ban caste from Army and other institutions.

Caste is the single biggest tool for political manipulators to divide and rule the people of India.

Whether it be Indian army or a Dharamshala - we often find caste based segregation, symbolism and organization. 


No regiments in Amry to be named after caste

There will be no iconic Rajput regiment, no Jaat regiment etc. All regiments will have caste neutral names.

No Dharamshala, University, College or any other organization to be named after caste

It is funny that we have an Aggarwal Dharamshala in Gurgaon and a Jaat College in Rohtak. With such castism being supported and encouraged by current politicians and governments. 

I will ban all such names and all such organizations. Yes - such private organizations also will have to change their names as they can't be caste symbolic. Yes - there won't be any Aggarwal Packers and Movers anymore.

India will be stronger without caste

With one less reason to divide themselves - Indians will be more united and cunning politicians will have one less tool to exploit Indians. 

India will as a result will evolve into a developed country faster.