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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

The internet is a great tool for empowerment. And it allows people to take hold of many aspects of their own growth in life.

Internet is not merely a tool for expression and communication. It is also an enabler of information of every kind. Access to information is all we need to make right decisions and gaining freedom from tradition brick and mortar monopolies of early advantage tankers of capitalization and industrialization..

It is maniac control of License Raj and bureaucratic red tape that Indians are not being provided with the most powerful enabler of the 21st century.


Dark Fibre - a shame

About 60 percent of international internet bandwidth in India is unutilized at the time of writing this article.

I will make utilization of whole 100 percent within the first year - and this will enable Indians to gain access to the world that is so much willing to help them all the time.


End of license Raj in internet and telecom

The licenses are given to 2 very essential services which are even more needed for the modern world than highways and roads.

Both highways and roads are developed by government. Imagine if they were to be made under private license - how much Indians would have been exploited.

The same is happening in internet services however. I will open up the license raj and an extensive network will be developed, fully operated and owned by government with all employees under essential services act. The network will be open to anyone to plug-in and distribute to the end consumer via wifi, last mile connectivity etc without any license.

The current license raj is just pure exploitation of Indian population.