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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President

Reservation is not an instrument of growth, nor equality. Rather on analyzing it carefully one finds out - it is a political ploy to divide and rule, and take the focus away from development of India.

Present situation in India is dismal. Every government form asks for caste of a person. And on the basis of that caste we give reservation in order for social equality and want caste system to abolish through this process. The logic is pure oxymoron.

Once elected to power - I will end reservation.


What is meant by power

By power we mean forming the single-party majority government. By forming the government we will pass whatever laws we will be able to pass to end reservation. 

If we are elected to State Government - we will do all that is possible to end reservation at State Level.

If we are elected to Central Government - we will end reservation in whole India.

If we are given 2/3rd of majority in the center - I promise to end reservation and castism of all kinds at all levels in India.


Why reservation is so bad for all people of India at every level

Because it decreases productivity of the nation. To increase productivity in each and every field - it is essential that the person who is most productive and hard working in that field must be allowed to occupy the position of responsibility in that field.

I will explain this with an example:

Suppose there is a village with population of 250 people - 50 men and 50 women and 150 children. Out of this 5 people are highly skilled in making houses.

The village has no houses and requires 50 houses for 50 couples. Irrespective of whether these houses are made or not - these couples will bear 3 children who will grow into adults every 20 years and reproduce their children.

Together this 5 people can make a house in 1 month but without the required help from each other it takes them a year to make a house.

Houses are required as every year there are rains that destroy the villagers property causing huge loses.

So the village panchayat decides that the 50 houses have to be made on priority and calculates that within 50 months the houses will be complete and village will be developed.

As the jobs for making houses are being assigned - there is objection by the majority that all 5 belong to upper caste which has been exploiting them for long and hence they want the 4 jobs for the rest so that they can get representation and social equality while making houses.

In view of vote-bank, the panchayat decides that only 1 of the 5 skilled ones can get the job and rest will be unskilled workers. Even though this will reduce the efficiency of house making but it will bring social justice and ultimately social equality.

Now in 20 years - only 20 houses get completed however, the population becomes 550 as children form couples and reproduce 3 subsequent children.

The houses required now becomes 125 - whereas only 20 houses are ready.

Hence a problem that could have been solved in 20 months could not be solved in 20 years - and rather becomes a distant dream for the whole population.

The new politicians in the village put reservations on who can live in these houses also and whole village remains underdeveloped - suffering due to bad decision made in favour of reservation at the very beginning of it's destiny.